The only prospecting tool to guarantee instructions.

Ever feel like prospecting tools are full of empty promises? Not us. We’re so confident in the efficacy of Spectre AI that we guarantee you’ll generate sales instructions from using our award-winning prospecting tool. And if you don’t? Your subscription is completely free.

Terms and conditions apply

Other tools claim great results.
We guarantee it.

At Spectre, we don’t make false claims. We know nothing compares to the data behind our software, so we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and guarantee sales instructions.

A suite of powerful prospecting tools.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve honed Spectre to become the most powerful instruction generation tool available to agents - spanning everything from award-winning property data to AI-powered prospecting.

Underpinned by our award-winning data science.

With one of the largest data science teams in the industry, we’ve invested significantly in this area to ensure agents have access to the best insights to power their prospecting.

It’s our award-winning data that makes Spectre so powerful, setting it apart from other marketing tools and helping clients achieve greater success.

How the Spectre Guarantee works.

We guarantee your agency a minimum number of sales instructions over 12 months, based on the number of sectors you have. And if we don’t meet that instruction level by the end of your contract, your subscription becomes totally free until you do see success - with full access to all of our features and your own dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Your side of the deal?

Simply use Spectre.

It’s no secret that you can’t win instructions from Spectre if you don’t use the product.

So, all that we ask is you use our powerful on-market letter triggers and 20:20 functionality (otherwise known as sold in your area), utilising Spectre AI’s propensity to sell model for intelligent campaign refinement.

Watch as the instructions roll in.

With hyper-targeted, AI-powered direct mail that delivers the right message to the right people, winning instructions is simple.

In fact, you can track your spend and instruction numbers all through Spectre’s detailed success and ROI reports.

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