Make the landlords
come to you.

Spectre Lettings is a revolutionary new way of prospecting landlords.

New Feature

Land Registry Integration

Purchase title deeds at the touch of a button from only £3.00! Spectre will instantly add the landlord name and address to the property in your account.

Spectre identifies the full address of:

  • Properties currently being advertised to let in your area
  • Properties currently let in your area with estimated tenancy renewal dates

...So that you have an up-to-date database of lettings properties in your area, that includes:

Full Property Address.

Advertised PPM.

Estimated tenancy renewal dates.

Current and previous lettings agents.

For more information contact us at or call us on 0161 464 5730.


Grow your lettings business.

With the option to add landlord details, you can automate communication with landlords when they will most want to hear from you, such as before upcoming tenancy renewals.


Add landlord details in minutes.


Relevant and bespoke content.


Tried and tested.

Outsource the printing and posting to us from just 49.8p per letter or download yourselves for in-house printing / door-knocking.

From 53p per letter.

Save versus franking or stamps.

120gsm, letterhead quality.

Always high quality.

No barcodes

Nothing to detract from the message.

Get in on the action

Request a Spectre demo today!

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