Never be out of pocket with Spectre's Fee Recovery.

A quarter of withdrawn instructions go on to sell within 8 months, and up to 10% of these are to buyers in which the agent originally introduced. Reclaim fees you’re owed with Spectre’s easy-to-use Fee Recovery.

Identify possible introductions made by your agency.

You have worked hard to market a listing and generate interest, so you deserve the reward for any buyer introductions you have made that have resulted in a sale.

Quickly identify possible introductions from private sales by purchasing homeowner details from the Land Registry - in just a few clicks.

Specialist referrals for total ease and convenience

There is no lengthy or complicated process that you need to go through... Spectre has made identifying potential lost revenue as simple and straightforward as possible.

If a possible introduction is flagged, you can instantly refer the case to our specialist partner - and they’ll do all the hard work and investigations for you!

Discreet  service and investigations.

Brand protection is as important to us, as it is to you. In order to safeguard your reputation and relationships, we offer completely discreet investigations for unpaid withdrawal fees.

For your peace of mind, we won’t contact homeowners until an introduction has been confirmed and the recovery process begins - always acting in the most professional manner.

No lost fee recovered? No charge!

Operating on a no recovery, no fee basis, you won’t be charged a penny unless fees are collected on your behalf. That means you have nothing to lose by referring a case to our specialist partner, but a lot to gain!

Claim back your lost revenue today.

Request a demo of Spectre and see just how simple our Fee Recovery tool is to use!

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