Bring properties to the market with your agency.

It’s not just on-market prospecting that Spectre excels at... our off-market campaigns help agents bring more listings to the market and ensure stock levels remain high.

Become the master of your local area.

Whether it’s sales or lettings, Spectre’s comprehensive off-market data helps agents dominate their local market - and blow competing agencies out of the water.

Off-market sales data

  • Time since last sold
  • Current estimated valuation
  • Bedrooms
  • Bungalows
  • Property Type
  • Size

Plus much more...

Tenanted property data

  • Full addresses of tenanted properties
  • Previous letting agents
  • Time since last listed
  • Estimated renewal date
  • Current Rent Amount
  • Property Type

Plus much more...

Say goodbye to blanket mail drops

Say hello to refined, cost-efficient off-market campaigns.

Sold or let-in-your-area campaigns.

Show homeowners and landlords you’re the best agency in town.

Spectre’s 20:20s (also known as sold or let-in-your-area campaigns) are proof of your agency’s successes - intriguing potential vendors and landlords to reach out and book a valuation.

  • Automatically generate and send postcard batches
  • Add lead capture QR codes to your campaigns
  • Use Spectre A.I to more than double your ROI

For more information contact us at or call us on 0161 464 5730.

Spectre Campaigns.

Any direct mail campaign you can imagine, brought to life.

Now, regardless of your agency’s marketing resources, you can create beautiful, hyper-targeted and repeatable prospecting campaigns to win instructions and gain market share faster than ever.

Simply scroll through our library of expertly designed postcard templates, select your unique targeting preferences, and bring the power of AI-driven direct mail to all of your marketing.

Anniversaries: re-engaging past purchasers

Relationships that really pay off

Over 86% of people DON’T sell through the same agent they purchased from. That means you’re losing countless instructions every year.

Automatically keep in touch with your past purchasers on the anniversary of their completion date and increase your repeat business rates.

Fully-automated prospecting

Repeat business

Bespoke property reports

Estimated valuations that lead to real valuations

The Vault™

Homeowners withdraw their properties for various reasons... but The Vault™ will keep you in regular contact with homeowners who haven’t sold in the last 2 years.

Unlock data on withdrawn properties in your area and bring them back to the market before your competitors get the chance.

The most personalised prospecting of them all.

The most personalised prospecting of them all.

Find stock and win listings with persuasive, relevant and eye-catching content - thanks to our next-level integrations.
Our Dataloft integration allows you to automatically generate letterheads with attention-grabbing statistics, and users of Reapit can personalise letters with the recipient name.

Print and postage

Highest Quality Printing and Postage from just 49.8p

If you choose to leave the printing to us, you can be safe in the knowledge that quality won’t suffer. All Spectre letters are printed on 120gsm letterhead quality paper with no barcodes, mailmarks or codes so your letter looks professional and authentic!


Get in on the action.


Average ROI


Instructions generated every month


Of properties tracked


Portfolio landlords identified

Lawrence Rand

“Since launching with Spectre in May 2016, we have experienced a fantastic level of success. With an ROI of 2659%, I think it is safe to say that Spectre has revolutionised our prospecting process. The user interface offers a simple way of acting on this valuable data and enables the sales teams to incorporate the letter sends into their daily admin with confidence. I would not hesitate in recommending this product to colleagues in the industry.”

Peter Lawrence

Managing Director, Lawrence Rand

Ryder & Dutton

“Spectre is a very powerful tool which we have used to generate a steady stream of instructions directly from our competitors. It is easy to maintain, flexible and we are able to monitor its use and success by individual branch.”

Richard Powell

Managing Director, Ryder & Dutton

Duncan Perry Estate Agents

“It’s the best thing we have signed up for and has produced good results. So much better than touting old style.”

Duncan Perry

Director, Duncan Perry Estate Agents, Brookmans Park

Belvoir Wrexham

“As an Agent you always want to find time to do the extra “leg work” to win over instructions from Vendors of other properties that have struggled to sell over a period of time and to ensure that your brand name is at the forefront of every Vendors mind(s). However, that’s the problem. You haven’t got the time it takes to carry out such a campaign on a consistent basis because it is so demanding on resource and time spent. Spectre has given us the opportunity to make the maximum market impact for the least effort - and it works! We believe Spectre to be a tremendous marketing asset to Belvoir Wrexham in raising positive brand awareness and increasing sales income.”

Vaughan Schofield

Director, Belvoir Wrexham

Robinson, Michael & Jackson

“When I was introduced to Spectre, I was a bit sceptical; I always dealt with canvassing manually. I must say that I would not go back to doing it that way, Looking up streets and trying to find postal numbers. This system makes it so easy. With all the different options that are available to you it has cut my time down in half. We have good results with getting properties on the market with the constant letters. The service and help you get from the staff at Spectre is great, nothing is too much trouble for them.”

Lynn Johnson

Robinson, Michael & Jackson

Starkings & Watson

“Many agents may think Spectre is for an agent who wants their canvassing done for them! They would be wrong! Spectre, for us has become an integral part of our daily routine, with the whole team involved in the printing and packaging of our canvassing. We always include the letter, and further literature, either leaflets or a brochure. The Spectre system, and 20/20 process is carried out with no skill, and we are left with professional canvassing, which has proven to give us results! As a new startup, but with experience within our area, the Spectre system got our message and story out to the people that mattered – house sellers. I would challenge anyone to find a solution as good as Spectre, but you do have to be prepared to use it, daily and religiously! It works!”

Chris Starkings

Managing Director, Starkings & Watson

Griffin Residential

“Spectre has really made a difference to our marketing! It is a very powerful tool, but is straightforward to use. It’s given us an edge in our area and regularly generates instructions. If you want to take your prospecting to the next level, Spectre is the obvious choice.”

Liam Wingfield

Director, Griffin Residential

Ashley Bennett Estate Agents

“We discovered Spectre around 7 months ago and all I can say is they are simply incredible… This software is a huge instruction winner for us, the data provided has been 100% accurate and it simply take a matter of seconds to produce all of our canvassing letters for our entire area against our competition. We have dealt with the same person Alex from day one who is extremely efficient and always happy to assist. I have already recommended Spectre to another business owner and will continue to recommend. This software is a complete no brainer in my opinion and I look forward to a long standing relationship with them”

Ashley Bennett

Director, Ashley Bennett Estate Agents

Martin & Co

“Our office in Westbury is the top selling Martin & Co Office in the country and we recognise the invaluable assistance we have received from Spectre by using the software. It is extremely easy to use and is an effective tool to help us win many more instructions. A particular feature we like is the email we receive every time it detects we have won another instruction from one of our competitors using the software.”

John Hames

Director, Martin & Co, Westbury

Homes Partnership

“An enormous time-saver. One of the very few proptech companies that actually saves us time rather than just costing us more money. Brilliant.”

Adam Charton

Director, Homes Partnership

Omega Property Services

“We have been a long term user of Spectre and the software has saved a lot of staff time and expense in gathering the data of the ever changing stock in the market, it enables us to contact potential clients at key stages in the process and has assisted in gaining new saleable instructions.”

Ian Hunter

Director, Omega Property Services, Clacton-on-Sea


“Spectre has been an excellent addition to our marketing strategy. It saves so much time to have the information we need available at the click of a button, and their support team are always available to help. I regularly use it on my phone when out and about, even in Tenerife over the New Year! I’d recommend Spectre to colleagues in the industry.”

Chris Preston

Director, Hunters, Teesside


“The days of driving around in the car board-counting are long gone, the house numbers are there at the click of a button with superb analytics.”

Daniel Byrne

Director at Bernards, Portsmouth

Park Lane Property Agents

“I can honestly say that Spectre has been invaluable to our business. The simplicity of Spectre has added another dimension to the way we target clients with great success. Spectre has increased our turnover and profits and we are very grateful. We thoroughly recommend Spectre to anyone who wishes to invest into their business.”

David Worrell

Director, Park Lane Property Agents, Bishops Stortford

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